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Credit Reports
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Pre-Employment Credit Report

Obtaining a pre-employment credit report on employees who may have financial responsibilities such as money handling, company credit card use, or other accounting responsibilities, is very important.  Having access to an applicant's personal fiscal responsibility and financial history will likely define any negative qualities or patterns that should be prevented.

A pre-employment credit report may contain information regarding collections, bankruptcy, judgements, liens, etc.  Our Pre-employment credit reports also include details on mortgages, loans and credit inquiries.* 


Pre-Tenant Credit Report

Similar to those in an employment environment, Landlords and Property Managers must protect their assets and other current tenants as well.  The information provided in a pre-tenant credit report gives you the ability to verify the information on the rental application and decide if the applicant can commit to the requirements of the rent or lease.


All of our credit history reports are FCRA compliant and require additional documentation and an on-site inspection.

* The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires specific information be removed from a credit report when obtained for employment purposes.  Please visit our compliance area for more information. Results are available instantly.