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Take control of your hiring process

ProHire is the affordable way to streamline your applicant tracking process.  Bring your employment applications, background checks and drug testing all onto the same platform and get the most out of your HR department.

Online Employment Applications

PrroHire allows you to implement and customize online employment applications, cutting out some of the paperwork and helping you to streamline the managment of applications for the positions you are hiring for.  Your applications can be customized to match your color scheme, can include your logo, etc.  This allows you to implement the application on your website, company employment kiosk, emails, etc.  Your imagination is the limit.

Online Career Center

The online career center is another powerful tool to help you put your applicant tracking process on the fast track.  Using this tool, you can list all of your job openings, and link the online application to each of the openings, allowing you to track your applicants in a very efficient manner.  Just like the online applications, the career center can be branded to match your website and company color scheme.

Integration for Background Screening

One of ProHire's greatest features is its ability to integrate into your background screening module.  After logging into the system once, you'll have access to your career center settings,  view your incoming applications and your background screening requests.  Once an application is complete and you are ready to send the applicant for background screening, simply click the "Send for Screening" button and no further data entry is required.  Likewise, you may also click the "Reject Applicant" button for those applicants not chosen for the job.  These applications will be automatically sorted according to their status.  

These are just a few features of the ProHire system.  Contact one of our team members today to find out more.